Image that bud of cold scarlet cherry tree came to be outstanding <2019>


Bud of cold scarlet cherry tree came to be outstanding <2019>

Cold day continues, but bud of "cold scarlet cherry tree" begins to be outstanding in hall and begins to bloom in several places.  In front of parking lot neighborhood and the entrance plant, and there is near Satsuma Denshokan Museum. As there are many buds that it seems that it swells out and reaches puberty, it has just begun...

Image that narcissus has begun to bloom


Narcissus has begun to bloom

Pretty narcissus blooms at in front of entrance hall or customer parking lot of this hotel. Refreshing flavor lets spring coming soon feel closer indulgently.  When you come, please see by all means.

Japanese silverleaf image


Japanese silverleaf

The neighborhood of front entrance, parking lot, flower of Japanese silverleaf blooms again near Satsuma Denshokan Museum entrance.  Shiny thing featured, and "luster leaf Japanese butterbur" (omit luster) threw flower language on leaf which "did not lose in difficulty", and it was for the name called Japanese silverleaf; ask...

Sasanqua image



Sasanqua of the neighborhood of rotary and Satsuma Denshokan Museum entrance just reaches in full bloom.  When you come to this hotel "overcoming amiability, difficulty" and Satsuma Denshokan Museum, look at flower language.

South Seas cherry tree image


South Seas cherry tree

South Seas cherry tree of origin blooms in the neighborhood of Satsuma Denshokan Museum entrance (it becomes Byodo-in Temple wisteria) Cuba.  Because form of leaf is similar to violin, it seems to be called violin cherry tree (teikinzakura).  It is usually flowered in spring over ... early summer...

Pyracantha image



There is in front of this hotel second lobby. As white flower blooms in spring, and we be accompanied by red and sour orange, beautiful small fruit of yellow a lot in autumn in ... winter, and dark green-colored, leaf is shiny, we can appreciate through the year.  Red fruit which is bright now in this hotel...

Image that fragrant olive blooms


Fragrant olive blooms

Prefectural road of the neighborhood of entrance to this hotel is along, and flower of fragrant olive (fragrant olive) which it is, and blooms in lump of orange small flower has sweet flavor in the area and feels season.  When you come, please take a walk.  mokuse...

kobanosenna image



kobanosenna has begun to bloom in this hotel parking lot. Tree has yellow flower with luster a lot beautifully and is very beautiful. The place of origin South America, flower language "the bright future." It is from October to December in in full bloom. 

Cluster amaryllis image


Cluster amaryllis

Cluster amaryllis blooms now near this hotel front entrance.  The name comes from that we have a heated during period (anteroposterior three days when we put the Autumnal Equinox Day) of the autumn equinoctial week.  Originally did not grow wild in Japan, is rice from China...

Crape myrtle image


Crape myrtle

Flower of crape myrtle (crape myrtle) which let you feel summer arrival has begun to bloom neatly this year. It blooms in customer parking lot. From July to October are in full bloom! When you come to this hotel, please see by all means.

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