Village Anna concert image


Sato Anna Concert

Sato Anna became famous in the sing of the “Segodon” that NHK Taiga Historical Drama’s main theme song.The overwhelming singing ability and the sound of the Sanshin reverberate in the Satsuma Denshokan.  Please come to Satsuma Denshokan for this good opportunity.  [Date] January, 2019...

<Finished> Lunch course image with strawberry dessert wagon for a limited time


<Finished> Limited lunch course with strawberry dessert cart service

Plenty fresh strawberry use ♪  We prepared homemade dessert abundantly. We would serve desserts by cart service, please enjoy nice time. ★    [Limited Period] January 15,2019(Tue)...

<Finished> Lunch menu image special for the Satsuma Denshokan Museum Fenice year-end and New Year holidays


<Finished> Fenice Year-end and New Year holidays Special lunch menu

At restaurant Fenice within Satsuma Denshokan Art Museum in the our hotel’s on-site, we would serve special lunch menu on year-end and new year holidays.    We received popularity Kagoshima Japanese black beef steak in last summer, we would serve as special lunch menu for year-end and new year holidays....

<Finished> Information for year-end and New Year entertainment image


<Finished> Information for Year-end and New Year entertainment

We show around annual entertainment to be carried out for the year-end and New Year holidays.  ◆“Toshikoshi soba”(year-crossing soba) ◆ December 31,2018(Mon)<Space>Basement open space(under front lobby stairs)<Time>20:30-22:30  ◆Otoso(spiced sake) ◆ January, 2019...

<Finished> Shogi match 31st Ryuo match! Information for the seventh game sixth station holding image


<Finished> Shogi match 31st Ryuo match! Information for the 7th game 6th station holding

The highest fight "Ryuo match" to decide the strongest shogi player. The 6 stage of the best-of-7 match contest will become hold at Ibusuki Hakusuikan this year that was held last year, too.  Challenger Akito Hirose (8 dan)Player Yoshiharu Habu (Ryuo title holder)<Shogi Champion ship 31st Ryuo match...

<Finished> Country, Mikami jazz piano trio ♪ Lounge concert image


<Finished> Country, Mikami jazz piano trio ♪ Lounge concert

JAS pianist "country, Mikami" piano trio to lead to play an active part by Lionel Hampton orchestra, Duke Ellington orchestra.  At this opportunity to be able to enjoy home New York sound close, carry foot by all means...

<Finished> Porcini lasagna lunch image

2018/11/12 - 11/17

<Finished> Porcini lasagna lunch

Porcini of three major mushrooms along with truffle matsutake mushroom of the world. Please enjoy deluxe taste of porcini said to be "King of mushrooms" ♪  ● [Menu] ● Lasagna dessert Coe of salad soup porcini...

<Finished> Chikuzen Sato 11/18 Satsuma Denshokan Museum concert image


<Finished> Chikuzen Sato 11/18 Satsuma Denshokan Museum concert

Chikuzen Sato with The Jazz Creatures Your Christmas Night 2018    With Jazz Band which Chikuzen Sato goes from 2014 "Your Chri...

<Finished> Strong man fair image of the fifth black vinegar dishes

2018/10/01 - 11/11

<Finished> Strong man fair of the fifth black vinegar dishes

With black vinegar dishes the beauty and health and impression! Let's try out black vinegar dishes of strong man chefs!  ■It is held to 2018/10/1 - 11/11 ■  What is "strong man fair of black vinegar dishes?" Japanese dishes, western dishes, Chinese chefs D-amino acid in richness...

<Finished> Evening image of Yuki Ito & Hiroaki Takenouchi cello and piano


<Finished> Evening of Yuki Ito & Hiroaki Takenouchi cello and piano

Cello player and pianist playing an active part at home and abroad including the U.K. play in Satsuma Denshokan Museum.  Please enjoy the beautiful tone relaxedly in autumn when you deepen.  <going to play music> Elgar: Greetings work 12 Delius of love: ro...

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