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Important news

Thank you very much for always having patronage to our hotel.  ■Guidance of "Hanano-To" seismic retrofit construction ■  We have seismic retrofit construction at “Hana no To” of the room building the following period.  [Period] February 1, 2019 - 12...

Information for Official homepage reservation privilege image


Guidance of official website limited reservation benefits

Reservation through our official website only, we would prepare Satsuma Denshokan Art Museum admission ticket as benefits. (From October 1, 2017)  There is Satsuma Denshokan Art Museum within same our ground,and there are about...

December, 2018 sign-in campaign Mori-izou lottery result image


Member registration Campaign Lottery result of Mori-izo at December,2018

Thank you very much for many apply to member registration campaign.   A result of strict lottery, we decided a winner from among the applicants, but we couldn’t got contact from the winner until the deadline, so we would carryover winning item....

Village Anna concert image


Sato Anna Concert

Sato Anna became famous in the sing of the “Segodon” that NHK Taiga Historical Drama’s main theme song.The overwhelming singing ability and the sound of the Sanshin reverberate in the Satsuma Denshokan.  Please come to Satsuma Denshokan for this good opportunity.  [Date] January, 2019...

Image that bud of cold scarlet cherry tree came to be outstanding <2019>


Bud of cold scarlet cherry tree came to be outstanding <2019>

Cold day continues, but bud of "cold scarlet cherry tree" begins to be outstanding in hall and begins to bloom in several places.  In front of parking lot neighborhood and the entrance plant, and there is near Satsuma Denshokan Museum. As there are many buds that it seems that it swells out and reaches puberty, it has just begun...

<Finished> Lunch course image with strawberry dessert wagon for a limited time


<Finished> Limited lunch course with strawberry dessert cart service

Plenty fresh strawberry use ♪  We prepared homemade dessert abundantly. We would serve desserts by cart service, please enjoy nice time. ★    [Limited Period] January 15,2019(Tue)...

<Finished> Lunch menu image special for the Satsuma Denshokan Museum Fenice year-end and New Year holidays


<Finished> Fenice Year-end and New Year holidays Special lunch menu

At restaurant Fenice within Satsuma Denshokan Art Museum in the our hotel’s on-site, we would serve special lunch menu on year-end and new year holidays.    We received popularity Kagoshima Japanese black beef steak in last summer, we would serve as special lunch menu for year-end and new year holidays....

Image that narcissus has begun to bloom


Narcissus has begun to bloom

Pretty narcissus blooms at in front of entrance hall or customer parking lot of this hotel. Refreshing flavor lets spring coming soon feel closer indulgently.  When you come, please see by all means.

<Finished> 2019 New Year holidays fun lucky bag image


<Finished> 2019 New Year holidays fun lucky bag

We are selling fun lucky bag in five points of first arrival-limited in this hotel until January 5.  [contents] *600 ml of "Mori-izou" gold label 720 ml * "Mori-izou" finest drop 720 ml * "comfort drunkenness joy liquor" (Mori-izou ten years old liquor) one...

<Finished> Information for year-end and New Year entertainment image


<Finished> Information for Year-end and New Year entertainment

We show around annual entertainment to be carried out for the year-end and New Year holidays.  ◆“Toshikoshi soba”(year-crossing soba) ◆ December 31,2018(Mon)<Space>Basement open space(under front lobby stairs)<Time>20:30-22:30  ◆Otoso(spiced sake) ◆ January, 2019...

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