<finished> Strong man fair image 1 of the fifth black vinegar dishes

2018/10/01 - 11/11

<finished> Strong man fair of the fifth black vinegar dishes

With black vinegar dishes the beauty and health and impression!
Let's try out black vinegar dishes of strong man chefs!

It is held to 2018/10/1 - 11/11

What is "strong man fair of black vinegar dishes?"
D-amino acid was included in richness Chinese chefs Japanese dishes, western dishes
Original black vinegar dishes which we devised originally using aging black vinegar "sumigishiden" for three years
We provide for a limited time in each shop.

In Italian restaurant "Fenice" in site,
We used black vinegar of Fukuyama black vinegar
You can eat Italian special course.

Black vinegar special course 4,000 yen (tax-excluded) ※Reservation required =

Than ... chef ...
We use black vinegar "sumigishiden" of aging, the five years aging, the ten years aging for three years.
Because flavor and taste are different, match with dishes according to the generation
We change black vinegar to use.
Black vinegar which is special product of Kagoshima,
Please enjoy by recipe only by Italian.

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Ibusuki Hakusuikan Ristorante Fenice
Higashikata, Ibusuki-shi 12131-4 (Satsuma Denshokan Museum)
TEL: 0993-23-0214

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