<the event end> Festival in Minamisatsuma advance ticket image 1 of 2018 Fukiage Hamago

<the event end> Festival in Minamisatsuma advance ticket image 2 of 2018 Fukiage Hamago


<the event end> Festival in Minamisatsuma advance ticket of 2018 Fukiage Hamago

At every year Golden Week time
"Festival of Fukiage Hamago" that is held in Minamisatsuma-shi

Theme of this year "Jura chic fantasy!"

Mainly on sand image display of powerful dinosaur,
Fantasy of sound and light and various experience-based events,
Wide area event that utilized local product sale, local resources
Attractive plans such as stamp rally are varied♪

Thursday, May 3 - 5/27 Sunday 24 days

[Golden stage] ← period end
Sunday, May 3 (tree) - 5/6 Sunday four days / opening time from 9:00 to 21:00

[the second stage]
Tuesday, May 8 - 5/27 Sunday 20 days / opening time from 9:00 to 17:00
[closed days] Monday, May 7

At this hotel front desk
As we are selling "entrance ticket" advance ticket
When you come, please refer.

In addition, on Ibusuki Hakusuikan [Official] homepage
With the Japan's three biggest dune Fukiage beach,
As collaboration plan of Sand steamed bath which only Ibusuki has
We sell very advantageous "accommodation plan with 4 biggest privilege".

As become collaboration plan for a limited time, by all means with your friends,
Please enjoy magnificent sand image and costarring of spring flowers at this opportunity♪

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