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Kagoshima X Miami music interchange concert Vol.1

Jazz mitsu classical music!
Kagoshima and Miami, encounter of two bassists

Of April, 2017 Miami Marlins Ichiro
In 3,000 hit memory ceremony, we try for the first time in Major League history
Bull fiddler, Ryohei Morita of Kagoshima native place that played a solo on Japanese national anthem by official game.

In the case of the visit to the United States, we performed master class
In Associate Professor at jazz base course of Florida International University music club
Dr. Jamie ozuri of bassist.

We play an active part in the United States, not only Japan but also Europe
With jazz singer Nanami Morikawa,
Reach multi-pianist shinokumanki which Kagoshima is proud of
It depends on jazz and crossover of classical music
Kagoshima and Miami, the first of sister city interchange concert
We send from Satsuma Denshokan Museum♪

Ryohei Morita (contrabass)
Jamie ozuri (base)
shinokumanki (piano)
Nanami Morikawa (vocalist)

[Date] It is 00/ opening 19:30 start 20 on Saturday, May 19, 2018

[Place] Satsuma Denshokan (within of our hotel ground)

[Ticket rate / tax included]
 *A seat: 3,000 yen
 *S seat: 4,000 yen
 *D seat: 12,000 yen (with dinner. As for the dinner 18:00 ...)

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