<finished> Ibusuki Hakusuikan chocolate fair holding ★★ It became full ★★ Image 1

<finished> Ibusuki Hakusuikan chocolate fair holding ★★ It became full ★★ Image 2


<finished> Ibusuki Hakusuikan chocolate fair holding ★★ It became full★★

It became full <. Thank you>

We get up to the first floor of the Ibusuki Hakusuikan basement "source Aya",
We hold chocolate fair

[Date] ◇Sunday, January 28 13:00 ...

House> of cake to make with <parent and child
Chocolate cake classroom holding!
Holding time ◇13:00 ..., 14:00 ..., 15:00 ...
Entrance fee ◇Of 500 yen per person (cake material cost, drink souvenir present with)
50 sets of first arrival (advance reservations required)
※You fill out paper for exclusive use of application, and apply.  We reached capacity
 Paper for exclusive use of application → This ← 

Stand of <chocolate long-established stores is exhibited by cathedral!
Meiji, Mornaga & Co., Fujiya, LOTTE

Contact information
To Ibusuki Hakusuikan, business Fukumoto
TEL ◇0993-22-3131
FAX ◇0993-23-3860
Carrying ◇090-5381-0272
E-mail ◇hi-fukumoto@hakusuikan.co.jp

●Sponsorship ●Ibusuki Hakusuikan
●The cosponsorship ●Seika Shokuhin
●The support ●(random order)
Meiji Mornaga & Co., Ltd. Fujiya Co., Ltd.
LOTTE Corporation TOHO Co., Ltd. foodservice

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