<finished> 【Satsuma Denshokan】 Golden three Christmas classical music concert image 1

<finished> 【Satsuma Denshokan】 Golden three Christmas classical music concert image 2


<finished> 【Satsuma Denshokan】 Golden three Christmas classic concert

* Supreme ensemble, members from the international contest winner will get together!*,.

<Piano> Hibiki Tamura
In 2007, he was won Concours international Marguerite-Long-Jacques-Thibaud
its one of international concours.
And he also got each some award of Chopin Faure, Concerto, and new music for most valuable player.

<Violin> Kyoko Takezawa
In 1986,she was won an overwhelming at the
second Indianapolis international violin concours.
Thereafter she continue rise to international stardom.
Until now as for New York Fil, Boston sound, Chicago sound,
World main orchestras and costarring.
Also, she have play together with Charles Dutoit and Seiji Ozawa who famous conductor.

<Cello> Dai Miyata
In 2009, he won the championship as Japanese for the first time
at the ninth Rostropovich international cello contest and he was attracted attention.
The sixth Hideo Saito memorial fund, the 20th Idemitsu music prize,
and the thirteenth Hotel Okura music prize and so on, he have gorgeous receiving a prize career.


[Date] OPEN 18:00, START 18:30 on Friday 22 December, 2017

[Place] Satsuma Denshokan (within of our hotel ground)

[Ticket rate / tax included]
 *A seat: 3,000 yen
 *S seat: 4,000 yen
 *D seat: 13,000 yen (include dinner. Dinner will serves after concert)

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