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Summer event information guidance

 Summer event information 

Visitor staying at this hotel can participate all free.
Please have a good time in hall♪

●Pool business (7/15 - 8/31)●
We post watchman of relief to child during period in summer vacation and do business.

●Summer vacation child present (7/15 - 8/31)●
It applies to child who is lower than staying primary schoolchild.
Wonderful goods without blank are successful!

●Astronomy classroom (7/26, 7/28, 7/30, 8/17, 8/19)●
Astronomy course of *busakisei of Tachibana astronomical observatory.
Story, star and month concerning astronomy as for the observation….
It becomes talk of astronomy by menu at the time of cloudy weather and rain separately.

●Astronomical observation (7/25 - 7/31, 8/16 - 8/20)●
Let's look at stars shining at summer night! We experience by astronomical telescope of 102mm!
The Saturn and the satellites and other stars.
Moon crater and the Saturn and other stars.
We become absent at the time of cloudy weather and rain.

●Mimosa magic show (8/1 - 8/21)●
As for adult, children are excited at various European magics very much, too!

●Chiharu Irie "world of light picture" exhibition (7/21 - 8/20)●
"Scenery with oldness" that anyone has in heart.
With children playing in such a scenery,
It is art object of light which we matched words with oldness with.
We display work of molding writer, Chiharu Irie in particular.

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