Image 1 that Byodo-in Temple wisteria blooms

Image 2 that Byodo-in Temple wisteria blooms

Image 3 that Byodo-in Temple wisteria blooms


Byodo-in Temple wisteria blooms

"Byodo-in Temple wisteria" which was planted from Byodo-in Temple Chinese phoenix temple of Kyoto, Uji by Satsuma Denshokan Museum
It has begun to bloom this year.
We reach in full bloom from now on.

Byodo-in Temple wisteria which was considered that was not to be removed from the premises in the case of the opening second anniversary of Satsuma Denshokan Museum
Had put out for stock especially; is very valuable.
As it is at Satsuma Denshokan Museum entrance, please see by all means when we come.

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