<the first> Ibusuki Hakusuikan photo contest offer essential point image 1

<the first> Ibusuki Hakusuikan photo contest offer essential point image 2

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<the first> Ibusuki Hakusuikan photo contest offer essential point

Luxurious prize hits
We hold Ibusuki Hakusuikan photo contest♪

We read application rule, instructions carefully and,
Please apply in Instagram.

[contribution period]

From Saturday, April 1, 2017 to Sunday, May 14
After the examination winning a prize Hakusuikan official site and
We are going to be released in official SNS.

[application method]

When you read application rule, instructions and can agree,
From Instagram,
#Attach Hakusuikan photo contest 1 (only in # one-byte character)
Please apply.
※Applicant should agree all to application rule, instructions.


The highest award (one): One fantastic distilled spirits [finest Moriizo - three years old liquor ...] 4 go bottle
Award for excellence (three) :One fantastic distilled spirits [Moriizo] 4 go bottle
※Receiving a prize becomes one point per person.


It is result announcement plan on Ibusuki Hakusuikan formula homepage in about the end of May.
Excuse me, but shipment is limited to domestic resident.
We contact prize winner by message of Instagram.
Product shipment becomes after communication of address addresses was completed.

[application rule]

(1) Application photograph in Ibusuki Hakusuikan (the site)
   Thing which applicant photographed is best.


(1) Such as camera to large communal bath, sand insect bath and cell-phone
  I decline carry-on of shooting apparatus firmly.
(2) In right of likeness, copyright of subject
  Consider enough, in responsibility of applicant
  Please apply after having solved all problems.
(3) Copyright, trademark of us or third party
  Intellectual property rights, right of likeness, right of privacy,
  Act to violate honor, other rights or profit
  (the use of us and other companies production thing without permission),
  We prohibit act against public order and morals.
(4) It was occurred by amateur pix
  Some kind of disputes that occurred between third party and
  About any damage about this
  We cannot take all responsibility.
(5) Application photograph to various public information mediums of Ibusuki Hakusuikan
  We may use.
(6) For inquiry about examination result
  We cannot answer at all.
(7) There is no support, support by Instagram.
  We have nothing to do with Instagram formula entirely.

[about the handling of personal information]

(1) Announcement of person of commendation
  We perform on Ibusuki Hakusuikan formula homepage,
  We announce registration name of Instagram.
(2) Real name of person of commendation and address
  In the case of announcement, we are not announced.
(3) In the case of contribution individual
  Please refrain from identified expression.
  (right of likeness, copyright of subject, address notation)

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The hotel charges
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  • List of accommodation plans
  • Reservation reconfirmation, change
  • Cancellation of reservation

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