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Air JAZZ, vocal Duo Satsuma Denshokan Museum concert

Laughter and jazz and AIR come over together♪
Please enjoy performance of refined AIR.

Vocal percussion: West Takashi
Vocal piano: Masayo Nakanishi

*With AIR…*
Man and woman vocalist unit which was formed by west Takashi and Masayo Nakanishi.
Refined sound by minute her Mona is,
We remind of former Jackie & Roy.

Concept of the making of sound,
"Comfortable JAZZ for adult"

With soft baritone voice of west Takashi
Combination of clear mezzo-soprano voice of Masayo Nakanishi is exquisiteness.
Solo, unison, harmony and various combinations
We make the world of AIR while making full use.

Saturday, March 25, 2017

Opening 18:00 start 18:30

A seat 3,000 yen
D seat 12,000 yen (after ticket / dinner concert with dinner)

[ticketing place]
Yamagataya ticket agency, Jujiya cross
FamilyMart and others

[reservation, reference]
Satsuma Denshokan Art Museum
TEL. 0993-23-0211
Higashikata, Ibusuki-shi, Kagoshima 12131-4

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