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<the event end> FLOW Chika Asamoto concert 2017

[2017 Satsuma Denshokan Museum anniversary of the founding]

Pioneer, Chika Asamoto of Japanese woman saxophone player.
The first special concert in Satsuma Denshokan Museum in 6 years.
It is performance for two copies of night and day♪

By evening performance in Ristorante Fenice
We offer seat with dinner.

Please visit by all means at this opportunity.

=February 11, 2017 (soil, celebration) =

Opening 15:30 start 16:00

◆Evening performance
Opening 19:30 start 20:00

[rate] (it includes all consumption tax)
A seat 3,000 yen
S seat 4,000 yen
D seat 12,000 yen (only as for the evening performance, with dinner) ※Dinner from 18:00.

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