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To check-in, guest room

Passage of gentle time when there already forgets daily life if we pass through the front desk. From garden spreading out all over the window, we can enjoy seasonal color.

It is beginning for a time of saa healing while feeling flavor of the sea opening in front.

Guest room is this place

Vaunted large communal bath

Large communal bath "Genrokuburo" of 3,300 square meters that visiting spas can enjoy. Please enjoy various hot springs where are unique made.

Hot spring is this

Seasonal taste, banquet dishes

Banquet dishes that dinner included local ingredients.
Menu which selected carefully mainly on thing which was conscious of season colors table every month.

Dishes are this

It is open-air bath leisurely

Luxury that outdoor bath while we look at star of the sky is excellent.
Hot water which is kind to skin sinks into body.

Outdoor bath is this

A favorite time…

Please enjoy night of Ibusuki growing calmly after taking a bath.

Distilled spirits dojo studio [distilled spirits dojo studio]
Kagoshima is distilled spirits!
"Shochulier"shochu's sommelier choose recommending for you.
Club lounge [club lounge]
How about lounge at wet time at night?

The second day

Is first thing in the morning, natural Sand steamed hot spring

In morning when we woke clearly, how about sand steamed bath in hall?
Body gradually warms if we bury body in sand. By weight of sand and effect of hot spring, waste material of the whole body flows out with a large quantity of sweat.

Sand insect bath is this place

Breakfast buffet

The breakfast Vikings where give favorable reception to.
We have a lot of buffet menus including western dishes, Japanese dishes, salad and fruits.


We choose pleasant souvenir including specialties, famous confection, distilled spirits of Kagoshima at stand.
All of you give favorable reception to specialty of Hakusuikan's sweet potato "Miyabi no Yado".

After check-out, Satsuma-Denshokan Museum collected the beauty of Satsuma(Kagoshima) tradition, Nagasakihana, Lake Ikeda, or do you Sakurajima sightseeing invite you to a little outing?

Guidebook is this
Satsuma Denshokan Museum is this

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