• Information for Hakusuikan

Information for Hakusuikan

Kagoshima Sand steamed bath | Ibusuki Hakusuikan

Attach the history to hot water, taste, heart

We invite to green of pine and rich nature among the blue seas, the beauty of Japan and appearance of peaceful Japanese style.
We always reply that all are attractive when asked about attractive pigeon of Hakusuikan. We look all at hot spring, garden, dishes, room and are only thing wanting to experience and to enjoy.

Ibusuki Hakusuikan | Hot spring

Reservation privilege

Five points

We look at blue sea of Kagoshima(Kinko) Bay [guest room of relaxation]

Good scenery from guest room is garden of pine,Kagoshima(Kinko)bay, superb view overlooking Osumi Mountains the opposite bank.
With structure based on the traditional "sum", you can relax with calm atmosphere with moisture.

Guest room is this place

Guest room of relaxation

Large communal bath [hot water of the Genroku era] of 1,000 tsubos

"Genroku Buro" full of Edo atmosphere that reproduced the history of Japanese hot spring. Other than public bath Edo bathhouse and Edo pomegranate bath where we made ukiyoe print on all over the wall, we can enjoy unique hot spring made including open-air bath where barrel bath and kiln bath and arbor-type rest station were installed in.
Natural Sand steamed bath of Ibusuki is bath which is globally rare. If bury body in sand while hearing the sound of the sea at the shore you will be doze off in the comfort.

Hot spring is this Sand insect bath is this place

Hot water of the Genroku era

We enjoy every month in rotation [Japanese banquet dishes]

Japanese banquet dishes which were conscious of season. You can enjoy many dishes which native district food that was particular about menu of taste utilized seasonal ingredients, local seasonal ingredients is rich in.

Dishes are this

Japanese banquet dishes

We project taste of the four seasons [Oba garden]

Garden spreading out in site of 50,000 tsubos feels nature among pine wood toakouno big tree, below palms. We are lighted up and are fantastic at night….

Garden is this place

Large garden

For substantial stay [various facilities]

"Denshokan Museum telling the history of the beauty of Satsuma," facilities such as available banquet room and hall, gallery, pool, karaoke, cafe lounge are substantial from a great number of people to a small number of people.

Facilities is this

Various facilities

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