Genroku Buro

Genroku Buro

We reproduced the history of bath of Japan. Relaxing hot water which remembers large communal bath, former times of 1,000 tsubos

Genroku Era that Edo prospered most. Public bath became the birthplace of bustle merchant culture as society ground of Edo general public at the time.
You can enjoy unique baths including cask bath, steam bath called "kamaburo" "edo-zakuro buro", and "ukiyo-buro" that drawn ukiyo picture all wall.

Genroku Buro Genroku Buro

Public bath Edo bathhouse, high-class prostitute bath

Public bath Edo bathhouse, high-class prostitute bath

The picture on wall is bathing scenery in Edo era. People who put under the strong rule of samurai were thinking that "if we live in this era, enjoy our life". The picture is drawing people's broad-minded characteristic.

Bath for female is named "ukiyo-buro" and males bath is named "oiran-buro".

Edo pomegranate bath

Steam bath of the Edo era is model of modern sauna.

Entrance is low and people passed under the entrance with bending low. This act is called "kagami-iru" in japanese.And pomegranate was needed for scrubing mirror. Incidentally, "need for mirror" also say "kagami-iru" in japanese.

Barrel bath

Floor stone black lead pumice gives metabolism's by far-infrared effects and you can enjoy new type bathing.

Bubble bath

Lotus of the bath center becomes bubble, and smooth air bubbles stimulate skin pleasantly.

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