Ingredient 1)Hot spring name / Ibusuki Onsen
2)Hot spring quality / chloride spring (hypotonicity, the neutrality, high temperature spring)
3)Hot spring temperature / origin 59.7 degrees Celsius
・Gush point / colorlessness transparence, salt taste, odorless
・Test laboratry / colorlessness transparence, salt taste, odorless (48 hours progress)
◇Hydrogen-ion concentration (ph level)
・Gush ground /7.0
・Examination room /7.16
◇Radon content /0.2 X 10-10ci/kg(0.7Bq/kg)
◇Specific gravity /1 .003 (20 degrees Celsius)
◇Residues /4 .710 g/kg (110 degrees Celsius)
Indication 1)General indication
We see neuralgia, muscular pain, arthralgia, stiff and painful shoulder of fifty years of age, movement disorders, us and relieve fatigue for chronicity digestive organ disease, menopausal disorders, disease convalescence
2)Indication according to spring quality
cut, burn, chronic dermatitis, weak child, chronic woman's illness
Taboo symptom 1)Bathing use
Acute disease, heat-related disease, malignant tumor, heart disease, bleeding disorders, high anemia, arteriosclerosis, high blood pressure

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