Restaurant "taste Aya"

Restaurant, taste Aya "tea-ceremony room"

Bedrock Bath of natural ore "God Kuroishi" of Hokkaido use

An example of seasonal Japanese banquet dishes

"Distilled spirits dojo studio" which can sample Moriizo

Specialty of Ibusuki "Sand steamed hot spring"

Natural pine woods grow thick; Hosho Garden

Passage toward Genroku Buro

It is a lot of amenity preparation in dressing room for women

Tokonoma decoration and flower arrangement different every guest room "Rikyu" room

Gallery where Satsuma yaki, Chinese ceramics form a line

Front lobby which was particular about design of ceiling

Direction of underwater by night, lighting up

Scenery of the Hakusuikan entrance

The history of gentlemen large communal bath, bath reproduction "Genroku Buro" 

Atmospheric presence among pines

The poolside that overlooks Kinko Bay

Have Kagoshima souvenir

Garden and staying ridge which expect night Kinko Bay

The history of bath of Japan reproduction "Genroku Buro"

Pool with full of resort feelings

One dish

Relaxation section under the ground

Roofed passage connecting buildings which spreads out to Rikyu

Garden and staying ridge which expect Kinko Bay

Lounge "Toyomatsu"

Gentlemen large communal bath, Genroku Buro "open-air bath"