Stand, soil from place

- stand, soil from place taking away nice taste

Kagoshima, souvenir of Satsuma which we had whether it was full of variety.
We help with selection of souvenir with all feeling including original product and local sake.

Soil from place

Soil from place

Soil from place

The front side on the first floor.
We assort specialty of the Hakusuikan"Miyabi no Yado" that was taken up with each magazine, sweets specialties representing Kagoshima, distilled spirits from Kagoshima and wait for all of you.

Business hours From 7:00 to 22:00
  • Soil from place
  • Soil from place
Ibusuki Hakusuikan original
  • Accommodation (pure potato cake) of Miyabi
  • Rikyu Karukan
  • Genshu

Product selling in soil from place has thing to be able to purchase in Internet online shopping.
Please use.

We can purchase souvenir of Hakusuikan. Online shopping is this

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