The secound party

Drink, and sing, and please enjoy night of Hakusuikan; - The secound party

Distilled spirits dojo studio

  • Distilled spirits dojo studio
  • Distilled spirits dojo studio
  • Distilled spirits dojo studio

Distilled spirits dojo studio

In the "shochu dojo", you can enjoy free tasting of distilled spirits that you can be order in restaurant and buy in souvenir shops.
Also you can enjoy tasting distilled spirits are producted at Kagoshima including precious distilled spirits "Moriizo".
Please use for waiting for of Genroku Buro.
The shop where is calm made around hearth enlivens feeling.

Business hours From 6:30 to 9:30
From 16:30 to 23:00
Fantastic distilled spirits Moriizo

At distilled spirits dojo studio, you can try "Moriizo" said to be fantastic distilled spirits.

The liquor was distilled politely and finished the flavor mellow. And you can feel passion of chief brewer at a shochu.

Please try at this opportunity.

Club Rokumei-kan period

Club Rokumei-kan period

Club lounge which enliven a time of trip at night. There are counter bar and box seats.

Business hours From 20:00 to 24:00
Seating capacity 90 seats
Floor rate One piece of /210 Japanese yen
Set rate (man) /3, 500 yen
Set rate (woman) /3, 000 yen
Karaoke room rate [rape] 50 /150, 000 yen
[sunflower] 25 /70, 000 yen
[Sakura] 15 /50, 000 yen
[Sumire] Ten /30, 000 yen
[dandelion] Ten /30, 000 yen
  • ※Limit, drink (whiskey, distilled spirits, soft drinks) are with snacks (dehydration thing) for two hours.
    ※There is an extra charge for other drinks. ※These fees not include tax.

The appearance

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Noodles shop Jiro

There is in basement floor. A head store is in Ibusuki City,
also there is branch store in NY that it popular ramen store.
As local bal, close; for no ramen of course,
We match liquor utilized here
goes well with alcohol.
We recommend as dinner or second party.
※17 November, 2017 opened

6 menus
[Special Ibusuki Tonkotsu Ramen] 1,250 yen
[Ibusuki Tonkotsu Ramen ~Kasane~] 900 yen
[Kagoshima Tonkotsu Ramen ~Assari~] 850 yen
Exclusive Dishes
30 menus
[Daichi ~Assorted Kagoshima local dishes~] 2,500 yen
[JIRO Original “BUTA-KEIHAN”] 1,000 yen
[Assorted Satsuma-age] 1,200 yen
40 menus
[Shochu ~Hakusuikan selection~] Each 600yen~
※Picked up from menu. ※These fees not include tax.
Seating capacity 30 seats
2 rooms of tatami mat
Business hours 19:00 ~ 24:30 (24:00 last order)

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