Feelings to dishes

Festival of meal that each has feelings toward

Ibusuki Hakusuikan Japanese dishes chef Yuto Manabe
Ibusuki Hakusuikan Japanese dishes chef Yuto Manabe
We never slack off for all cooking. And, we are keeping in mind each dishes be delicious.
Ibusuki Hakusuikan western dishes chef Masaru Iwashita
Ibusuki Hakusuikan western dishes chef Masaru Iwashita
We will serve taste that can meet only at Hakusuikan by use of sea and mountain food's good point.
Ristorante Fenice ryorichoseikuboso
Ristorante Fenice ryorichoseikuboso
We are keeping in mind to bring out the charm of materials. It is simple taste but the meal will be remain to your heart.

Blessings of nature

Meal make from special products of nature that received benefit from rich soil and sea. We will offer meal that cherish the taste of material and made politely for you.

Savor our seasonal cuisine that have japanese 4 seasons each atmosphere.

Seasonal ingredients

Blessing of the sea

Kagoshima brand

Feelings of rice

  • 1)Seasonal materials that including lot good taste.
  • 2)Fresh seefoods:bonito from Makurazaki, blue sprat from Kagoshima(Kinko) bay, and flying fish from Yakushima island and so on.
  • 3)Kurobuta(Berkshire Pork)and Kuroge Wagyu(Japanese Black beef) are grown up on the fertile earth.
  • 4)We use "reduced-pesticide rice" grown in Kagoshima.
With heart
  • Relief and security
  • Handmade taste not to change
  • With true heart

Hospitality - all hearty for smile of customer

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