We thoroughly enjoy seasonal taste to taste, and to be fragrant, and to be made

Seasonal taste

  • Seasonal taste
  • Seasonal taste
  • Seasonal taste

In Hakusuikan, menu changes every month.
We hope our guests to enjoy taste of each japanese seasons.
Savor our dishes made wholeheartedly.

Japanese-Western style Italian. Bright seasonal taste

Introduction of seasonal dish

Introduction of seasonal dish

●Photograph is dish image (an example). We may not prepare by the stocking situation.

At time for seasonal taste…. Please enjoy changing menu every month.

One menu

Fantastic distilled spirits Moriizo

Fantastic distilled spirits Moriizo

We offer "Moriizo" that called precious distilled spirits.
The liquor was distilled politely and finished the flavor mellow. And you can feel passion of chief brewer at a shochu.
Please try at this opportunity.

Thought of festival chef of chef

Taste of the ground, feelings to taste dish of the sea

Taste comment dish of Ibusuki that examined material closely

Country of distilled spirits, Satsuma drink

It is restaurant in a time of relaxation

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