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  • Characteristic three weddings-style that there is
  • Three banquet venues selectable by direction
  • Guest and special dishes to thoroughly enjoy

Staff Blog

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Autumn distilled spirits Festival image

2018/10/17 Staff blog

Autumn distilled spirits FestivalNEW

Good morning. It becomes cold at night and swallows up distilled spirits in the morning in better seed ‼ such a case and warms...

Take before; shooting image

2018/10/11 Staff blog

We take the front and photographNEW

Hello.  We took, and the front was shooting today.  Not the hall, it is taking picture on sandy beach of Fukiage.  It is the setting sun by unfortunate cloudy weather...

Photograph image in Fenice building

2018/10/10 Staff blog

Photograph in Fenice buildingNEW

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