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2018/09/20 Ibusuki information News from Hakusuikan Nature

Cluster amaryllis blooms♪

All of you hello!

In yesterday's Ibusuki, all clear blue sky opened.
It is hot, but is easy to still spend morning and evening in particular in the daytime
When became autumnal, feel; nowadays

By the way, if it is said that it became autumnal…
In the neighborhood of front entrance and courtyard of this hotel, cluster amaryllis blooms♪
(photograph is thing of the neighborhood of front entrance)

Cluster amaryllis blooms ♪ Image Cluster amaryllis blooms ♪ Image Cluster amaryllis blooms ♪ Image

Red, white, bright flower of orange which are attracted suddenly
We can see in many places.
While strolling in the hall, as for the scenery with autumn wind or cluster amaryllis
Please enjoy

…Story changes completely, but is in front of the customer parking lot now,
This wall where we lead Italian restaurant "Fenice" in site to.

By now illustrator, ocobo (okobo) who is resident from Ibusuki-shi
We are producing fresco art that is very bright, and is pretty

It was state of sketch at the time of 9/11 after starting shooting,

Cluster amaryllis blooms ♪ Image

The point of 9/15

Cluster amaryllis blooms ♪ Image

It is also at 9/19 noon yesterday

Cluster amaryllis blooms ♪ Image

We begin to reach puberty steadily.
As color taste repeats and, according to ocobo, paints
It is with richer finished plan!

We will introduce until completion at any time♪

●ocobo Instagram

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