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2018/09/09 News from Hakusuikan Event in hall Plan 【Satsuma Denshokan】

Ibusuki Hakusuikan ★We hold tea fair♪

All of you hello (*^. ^*)

Only in three days of 9/24 - 9/26,
We hold Ibusuki Hakusuikan tea fair

Satsuma tea to enjoy in moonlit night

You can enjoy sampling of Satsuma tea in the following schedule and,
We used lecture and Satsuma tea concerning tea
You can enjoy dinner of specially made recipe, too.

We present teacup for sampling only in advance reservation 1,000 people♪
※Teacup for sampling becomes 3-day admission ticket.

At by all means this opportunity,
In autumn of tea, please enjoy autumn of taste in Ibusuki Hakusuikan♪

"Hakusuikan tea fair CM" is this

September 24, 2018 Monday (holiday) - Wednesday, September 26

★Rate (tax-included)★
◆General visit 1,500 yen

◆One 1,000 yen that stay

Dishes 8,000 yen (option, reservation required)
 When make a reservation with exclusive application, of recipe specially made by tea fair
 You can enjoy Japanese banquet dishes of Ibusuki Hakusuikan or Italian dinner of Satsuma Denshokan Museum Fenice.

Fair-limited accommodation plan 20,000 yen
 Formal homepage-limited tea fair accommodation plan,
 Teacup for admission ticket sampling, dinner of tea recipe, sea side Japanese-style room strict promise,
 Of Satsuma Denshokan Museum admission ticket four major; become with benefits.
 Reservation is this

★Schedule and holding place★

How to serve 24th 15:00 ... tea to be able to easily enjoy
(lecturer: Yuma Horie MUSICA TEA)

25th 15:00 - Satsuma feudal clan U.K. foreign student and tea
(lecturer: Kyoko Tanaka Glenn leech company)

Story of 26th 15:00 ... delicious tea
(lecturer: Kyoko Tanaka Glenn leech company)

Tea recipe ... (many times Atsuko IKUTA Kitchen) to taste Kagoshima of ... autumn
(option, reservation required) from 18:00 to 20:00 Japanese dishes, Italian (for each 50 people-limited) of from 24 to 26

★About participation application★
※You fill out exclusive application, and apply.
※In addition, we offer official homepage-limited plan of tea fair-limited [with benefits very much 4].
 Come by all means at this opportunity.

To Ibusuki Hakusuikan (business) Fukumoto, fujihaku: 0993-22-3131

Ibusuki Hakusuikan ★We hold tea fair ♪ Image

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