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2018/05/05 Ibusuki information News from Hakusuikan Event in hall

[2018] The Boy's Festival

Today, May 5 concerning Children's Day,
We might swell by event for each ground child♪

It is for a little, but colors the Boy's Festival in hall
The decoration is done.

Doll for the Boy's Festival and ... of front lobby,

[2018] Boy's Festival image

With POOL SIDE carp streamer blue sky smoothly

[2018] Boy's Festival image [2018] Boy's Festival image

On edge of Iris Festival called "the beginning" have a meaning, and Iris Festival seems to be meaning called day of first go of May.
From sound called "go" of go being common to five,
After the Nara era, May 5 seemed to be fixed as the Boy's Festival!

It is manners and customs born from samurai family society to display armor and helmet.
In the present age, as for the armor helmet, meaning called "thing protecting body" is focused on,
To protect important child; with wish called ...

In addition, when carp sails up fast flowing stream, and carp streamer climbs waterfall called Longmen
For Chinese legend to become dragon, and to climb the sky,
It is said that we endure any adverse circumstances and become excellent person
It seems to be displayed with wish.

Feeling to pray for healthy growth of child in what time of times
It is thing which does not change

As "Boy's Festival" when will be annual every year in this hotel until 10:00 tomorrow event
I give the first picked tea of this year of Kagoshima in courtyard (Hakusui Garden).

[2018] Boy's Festival image

Please enjoy season in spite of being feeling.

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