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2018/03/28 Ibusuki information News from Hakusuikan Event in hall

It is [day of Mitsuya] today!

All of you hello

We came to hear news of cherry tree from many places.
Is car from this hotel; in Mt. Uomi nature park for approximately 15 minutes,
Yoshino cherry trees seem to become in full blossom.
In addition, we introduce in a few days!

By the way, we already think whether you are aware with title,
Today March 28 in game of rhyming "day of Mitsuya!"
In thing called this ...,
By offer from Asahi Soft Drinks Co., Ltd.,
We distribute Mitsuya Cider to customer!

It is [day of Mitsuya] today! Image

We have distributed in waiting for place nearly Genroku Buro,
Cider well cool for "one cup of bath rise"
It was state that was able to be pleased with many customers

It is [day of Mitsuya] today! Image It is [day of Mitsuya] today! Image It is [day of Mitsuya] today! Image

Cider can order in meal venue,
After all of the back that fully enjoyed Sand steamed hot spring and bath,
It is particular again when we drink when body is hot!

It is [day of Mitsuya] today! Image

We want to drink to this unintentionally,
He/she drank with great relish

This event was thing which ended today,
As we will offer a lot of pleasant events in future,
You put together if you stay when you come to this hotel, and please enjoy!

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