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2018/01/29 News from Hakusuikan Event in hall

Is heated; is heated! Ibusuki Hakusuikan chocolate fair♪

Is heated; is heated! Ibusuki Hakusuikan chocolate fair ♪ Image

All of you hello (^^) /

Yesterday with "source Aya" of this hotel,
The cause of the cosponsorship of Seika Shokuhin state,
Ibusuki Hakusuikan chocolate fair was held

Companies-like stand which had venue support was exhibited each.


 Mornaga & Co., Ltd. 

 Fujiya Co., Ltd. 

 LOTTE Corporation state 

A lot of appetizing chocolate and cakes of the companies
Also, it is quite popular in pretty reception desk and venue where friend of guest came to in particular

By this fair, we do with featured plan…
House chocolate cake classroom of cake to make with parent and child
But, it was held.

Cake to use for the decorations is as you see

"So many cakes are dream mitai to gather! !"
We heard such a voice, too (*^. ^*)

It is the decoration promptly if we choose cake to decorate
On the chocolate cake, employ a lot of favorite cakes
We make only original cake in the world

Is colorful; in pop cake,
Cake such as pirate ship which we used a lot of creature of the sea-shaped cakes for,
Cake which is in forest which likened castella to house of cake…
He/she sometimes made happily while becoming careful

Many unique cakes were completed
Protectors looked very glad for diligent children, too

In addition, today of TOHO Co., Ltd. foodservice state
By the support, there was service of raw soft serve "kuremia" of heavy, rich taste.
Creamy Saga melting away is very delicious and is soft serve which is quite popular in lounge of this hotel

Is heated; is heated! Ibusuki Hakusuikan chocolate fair ♪ Image

Child who had you arrive had souvenir present of cake.

Is heated; is heated! Ibusuki Hakusuikan chocolate fair ♪ Image

It became event that was able to have favorable reception toward not only child but also adult!
Visit of many people, thank you very much.

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