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2018/01/07 Ibusuki information News from Hakusuikan Tourist attraction 【Satsuma Denshokan】

NHK TV saga "Saigo don" begins!

All of you hello!

From today, it is finally NHK TV saga
Saigo donno broadcast begins!

Day when we waited expectantly came over! For feeling called this,

Poster of "Saigo don" is (^^) in hall, too
Energetic feeling will come!

NHK TV saga "Saigo don" begins! Image

In Ibusuki on Friday, January 12 "Ibusuki west volost don building"
It becomes open. As you can see TV saga building and special plan exhibition,
We match with broadcast and would appreciate your enjoying to many of you.
Official homepage of Ibusuki west volost don building

Let's enjoy broadcast by all means from tonight!

NHK TV saga "Saigo don" begins! Image

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