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2017/09/23 Ibusuki information News from Hakusuikan Tourist attraction

The 70th Ibusuki Onsen festival

All of you hello.

We will tell autumn arrival to Ibusuki today tomorrow
Annual Ibusuki Onsen festival is held
Abundant hot spring springing out everywhere in Ibusuki-shi,
It is festival to appreciate blessing of the earth.

Today for the first day total dance and stage event of Kahn-ya dance around the Ibusuki station square,
Miniature shrine passage of a portable shrine or fireworks display are carried out on the second day!
(^^) which is festival full of many visitors every year

This is state around Ibusuki Station that we photographed the day before yesterday.

The 70th Ibusuki Onsen festival image

Lantern is displayed in a row, and completely! It was feeling called this.

This year concerning the 70th commemorative age,
"Step photograph, panel exhibition of 70 times of Ibusuki Onsen festivals" be held at Ibusuki Station,
Photograph to - Heisei is displayed in the 30, Showa generation.

The 70th Ibusuki Onsen festival image The 70th Ibusuki Onsen festival image

On stage of every year this hot spring festival goodwill ambassador "come field mustard lady to smoke" of city
It is shown, but is the name called "Miss hibiscus" in the Showa era and!
We can discover part changed now including state of shop of the station square,
In the places where we carry performance scenery of sum drum and miniature shrine on our shoulder hard,
We can still see state of festival succeeded to without changing in old days.

It is pet dog, tsummoimashita big Saigo with pail of bath in large quantities♪

The 70th Ibusuki Onsen festival image

In addition, in Mt. Uomi close to this hotel, match with holding of hot spring festival
Of Satsuma feudal clan Shimazu family coat of arms of "ten in circle character" was turned on

The 70th Ibusuki Onsen festival image

Thing which was one of the business that this was performed until from 1984 to 1997,
It revived approximately three years ago and, as well as festival, became autumn charming sights of Ibusuki.

Photograph display at Ibusuki Station until September 24,
Of "ten in circle, as for the character" lighting, it becomes just September 25!

When you come to Ibusuki, please enjoy.

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