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2017/09/15 Ibusuki information News from Hakusuikan Nature 【Satsuma Denshokan】

Black vinegar’s special dishes fair★

All of you hello!

If we think that it became climate like autumn recently,
We found that cluster amaryllis bloomed in front entrance rotary (^ω^)

Black vinegar’s special dishes fair ★Image

It was hot, but still thought in the daytime that we changed steadily in season

By the way, we add to Satsuma Denshokan Museum in this hotel site
In Ristorante Fenice from 9/6 (day of black vinegar) to 10/31,
With black vinegar "sumigishiden" of Fukuyama black vinegar
We do with collaboration plan and are holding strong man fair of black vinegar dishes!
By lunch & dinner, we offer fair limited menu.

Black vinegar’s special dishes fair ★Image

The fair is hold 4th in this year. It is held in prefecture 18 facility.

To black vinegar of sumigishiden in D-amino acid included in richness
“Beauty amino acid” included 55 times more than rice vinegar.
"Beauty amino acid" is approximately 55 times of rice vinegar! This is included, too

Me who brought myself to some about vinegar,
Furthermore, when we check…
Citric acid included in vinegar is useful for relieving fatigue,
We seem to be able to expect effect to make the blood circulation better.
He/she seems to give body which was tired from summer heat spirit

Do you not fully taste black vinegar which is special product of Kagoshima at this opportunity?

□■Black vinegar special course (lunch dinner)■□
... to ... 10/31 held
 Appetizer / pasta / main dishes / dessert / coffee
 3,330 yen (consumption tax, service charge distinction)
 ※Reservation required until the day before※

 Ristorante Fenice
  (Satsuma Denshokan Museum juxtaposition in this hotel site)
  TEL: 0993-23-0214

 [business hours]
 Lunch ◆From 11:30 to 14:30 (order stop)
 Dinner ◆From 18:00 to 21:00 (order stop)

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