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2017/07/09 News from Hakusuikan Event in hall 【Satsuma Denshokan】

Summer wedding BIG bridal fair☆

All of you hello (*^. ^*)

In 7/8 - 7/9 Satsuma Denshokan Museum
Annual BIG bridal fair was held

Summer wedding BIG bridal fair ☆Image

In venue flower bouquet making,
2017BIG bridal 7

Try-on experience corner of dress,
2017BIG bridal 8

2017BIG bridal 6

By professional photographer can photograph
2017BIG bridal 1

Suggestion of clothes and make based on KOLOR which matched the person by personal KOLOR diagnosis,
We establish section having you suggest coordinates of the whole venue
2017BIG bridal 9

Various exhibitions such as decoration cake for present or present are held, too,
All of visits looked at with fascination, too
2017BIG bridal 5

2017BIG bridal 4

2017BIG bridal 3

2017BIG bridal 2

By the way, it is bridal fair of this hotel,
We plan monthly "premium bridal fair" on this month 22
As chef specially made dainty food experience and Genroku Buro bathing experience are planned, too,
Carry foot after reservation by all means

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