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2017/05/30 Ibusuki information News from Hakusuikan Nature 【Satsuma Denshokan】

Founding is commemorative ★Lunch dessert buffet

All of you hello!

It is warm recently in Ibusuki…toiuyori, days to think that it was slightly hot increased.
Feel arrival of early summer; nowadays

Jacaranda native to Central and South America has begun to bloom in parking lot of this hotel.

Founding is commemorative ★Lunch dessert buffet image

It is one of three major Hanaki along with kaemboku royal poinciana of the world.
When we come, please see by all means♪

By the way, story changes, but ‥, ...
Ibusuki Hakusuikan reaches the founding 70th anniversary on forthcoming June 18.
Commemorative concerts are held (as for the details in this Clik!) ,
We introduce lunch dessert buffet in Ristorante Fenice this time.

Founding is commemorative ★Lunch dessert buffet image

Visitor who ordered course dish with dessert with lunch of Fenice
You can eat dessert with buffet

Target course dish…
Plate lunch (1,782 yen)
A course (2,280 yen)
B course (3,480 yen)
It is no three!

Sale only for buffet this time desert by offer only for lunch course
Do not perform, but during time limit 80 minutes dessert
You can enjoy as much as desired
We offer a lot of fresh dessert which featured the theme of summer.

It becomes exclusively for five days until Friday for from Monday, June 19 to 23rd.
In addition, after reservation by all means prior in what become two part system at time
Come in all of you
※It becomes two part system of ..., 13:00 ... at 11:30 at time.

Satsuma Denshokan Museum juxtaposition Ristorante Fenice
TEL: 0993-23-0214 (this hotel site)

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