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2017/04/27 News from Hakusuikan Nature 【Satsuma Denshokan】

Colorful flowers bloom♪

All of you hello (*^. ^*)

In this hotel, various flowers bloom noisily now

Colorful flowers bloom ♪ Image

Leguminous bauhinia which makes parking lot and the front entrance bloom at following rotary,
It is originally from Hong Kong and is drawn on ward flag of Hong Kong. When flower is over, long bean becomes

Colorful flowers bloom ♪ Image

It is Takagi who becomes approximately 10 meters depending on tree in from April to May in flowering season

This is tree of karataneogatama which is said to be another name banana tree successively.
Sweet sweet smell which harks back to banana when we go along neighborhood does

Colorful flowers bloom ♪ Image Colorful flowers bloom ♪ Image

karataneogatama is evergreen of magnolia family, and flowering season is from May to June.
In this hotel, it blooms at parking lot and Satsuma Denshokan Museum entrance.

In addition, it is Satsuma Denshokan Museum entrance,
"Byodo-in Temple wisteria" planted from Byodo-in Temple Chinese phoenix temple of Kyoto, Uji has begun to bloom.

Colorful flowers bloom ♪ Image Colorful flowers bloom ♪ Image

Byodo-in Temple wisteria which was told to be not to be removed from the premises in the case of the opening second anniversary of Satsuma Denshokan Museum
Had put out for stock especially; is very valuable (*^ ^*)

How would about?
In addition, as various flowers bloom in Hosho Garden facing courtyard and the Kagoshima(Kinko) Bay,
When you come to this hotel slightly early, it is recommendation that garden is taken a walk through

We are happy if you can spend happy holiday by all means (*^. ^*)

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