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2017/04/08 Ibusuki information News from Hakusuikan Event in hall

Flower Festival♪

All of you hello!

Concerning flower Festival celebrating birth of Buddha on April 8
We installed annual small shrine with floral decoration in this hotel second lobby every year.

As the Crown Prince of 2500 years ago Himalayan foot Kabila country
To kiyomehandaio (jobondaio), Mrs. Maya (mayabunin) from flower garden of Rumbini
From opinion that Buddha was born, enshrine Buddha's image at birth to small shrine with floral decoration
We are said to have come to celebrate.

Flower Festival ♪ Image

When when Buddha was born, nine dragons went down from the sky and poured deliciousness
For being said, new employee gave hydrangea tea♪

Flower Festival ♪ Image

By the way, right cake is "Rikyu Karukan" of this hotel original

Flower Festival ♪ Image

We think that you can feel season for all of you whom this museum comes over to through such a special event.
Next merges for Golden Week, and first picked tea of this year Festival is held!
As it is event to be able to enjoy the first picked tea of this year of famous Chiran, eia as Chajo
When you come, please drop in♪

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